In this technological world, the car has become the part and parcel of everyone’s life as it is the safest medium to travel long distances. It has relieved the lives of millions of people by providing them a safe and speedy mode of commute. Getting its insurance done is the first thing that every buyer should do. Here in this article, you will get to know the things that are not covered in any car insurance policy and how can you make yourself aware by giving attention to these points.

Wear and Tear Losses

Any losses occurring due to electrical and mechanical breakdown will not be covered usually by any car insurance policy. The normal wear and tear are also not covered under any policy. Whether the breakage has happened due to weather conditions or just by keeping the car in your garage for a long time or rusting etc, these losses are not normally covered under any insurance scheme.

Intoxicated while Driving

When you met with an accident after consuming and alcohol, the losses that occurred to your car are not covered under any car insurance plan as it is your fault.

Wear and Tear of Tyre’s and other components

Tyre’s are not covered by any insurer under their insurance plan. They wear down by running your vehicle for long distances and also depends on the road surface you are driving into. Apart from this, there are multiple electrical components that are not covered under any insurance scheme which got damaged due to daily usage of the same.

No Driving License

In such cases when you drive without driving license and meet with an accident, the losses are not covered under any insurance plan. This is mandatory to drive the vehicle having a valid Driving license as per the Indian Government law. 

Damage due to Racing or Intentional Revenge

Any damage which is intentional will not be covered under any insurance plan. So beware while you are chasing a car or intentionally want to break somebody’s property that you will have to bear the repercussions and your insurer would not be able to help you in this situation.

Losses happened beyond the boundary or due to War

In such a situation where the damage is done due to the War or beyond the country’s boundary will not be borne by the Insurer.

Theft due to your Carelessness

As many insurance plans cover the scenario of theft when you get the insurance done normally or with Add-ons, but the damage to your personal belongings or car which is caused due to your own carelessness like leaving the keys inside the car or not locking it properly. In such cases, you should immediately file a report in your nearby police station.

Business Usage

Until you have covered the “Business Use” Coverage under your car insurance plan, you cant opt for the claim if it has met with an accident while being used for commercial purposes.

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Coverage for Natural Calamities

Most of the Insurance companies do not cover the losses occurred due to floods, earthquake, tornado, etc. But there is a term mentioned in their policy i.e. “Acts of God” under which these losses should be covered. So make sure you are clear with the Terms of the policy and get a confirmation to cover this type of losses before buying a car insurance policy.

Driving Other’s Car

If you are driving someone else’s car and meet with an accident, the car owner would not be able to claim the losses as it is registered under his name.

In the same way, anybody in your family is driving your car and unfortunately meets an accident, you would not be able to claim it.

Owning a Car and Car Insurance Policy can ease your life but paying attention to all the major and minor points linked with them can make your life relaxed even in the toughest hour of your life. Certain things like accidents can not be controlled by us, but what lies in our hands should be dealt with full attention and awareness.