Are you planning to sell your car? The process of transferring is quite simple, but all you need to keep in mind is, you need to make sure that you are having all the required documents with you. When you get familiar with the required procedure to sell and transfer your car to a new person, then it will become a very easy process to follow. There are basically three kinds of documents required to sell a car and here is the list for you.

Documents of an individual

  1. One self-attested copy of PAN card: PAN Card is a mandatory document and without it, the selling of car could not be made possible

2. Two self-attested passport size photographs: Photographs should be clearly visible and duly signed by you.

3. One self-attested copy of address proof: For address proof, you can have your Voter id Card/Aadhar Card/Passport/Ration Card/Rent Agreement/Electricity Bill/Any other document authorized by Government of India

1) Original copy of RC

The Registration Certificate(RC) is mandatory as it validates that your vehicle is registered under the government of India. The RC should be in good condition free from errors like misspellings and misprints otherwise the transfer of vehicle could not be possible. If in case you have lost the same or it is completely torn, you can opt for a duplicate RC from RTO office and lodge an FIR in case of stolen or lost RC.

2) PUC papers Copy

The Pollution Under Control (PUC) is mandatory as it validates that the emission of toxic elements from your vehicle is under control like smoke and emission test for petrol, diesel and CNG depending upon the fuel type of the vehicle. PUC can be done at any authorized Petrol pumps and testing center and hardly costs anything.

3) Original Copy of Car Insurance

An Insurance policy is mandatory while selling a car. The insurance is mandatory to run the vehicle on the road as it ensures that we follow the law of the country and also provides compensation on vehicle damage and accidental claims.

4) Application For Transfer of Insurance

In case, the buyer wants the insurance to be transferred, then application for transfer of insurance is required.

Documents required at RTO

RTO forms can be downloaded online or purchased offline, but you have to visit RTO office to submit those documents for selling your car.

1) Three copies of Form 28, along with chassis imprint

This is basically a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the registering authority and ensures that there are no liabilities on you which can stop the smooth flow of car selling process. This basically ensures that all the legalities related to the vehicle are served properly.

The pencil print of car’s chassis number is required on all the three copies of Form 28. The applicable fee has to be deposited in the RTO office for the same.

2) Two copies of Form 29 :- This is to intimate that the car is being sold by the owner after handling all the related car documents. The applicable fee has to be deposited in the RTO office for the same.

3) Two copies of Form 30 :- This Form is basically the confirmation of Form 29 i.e. the car has been transferred to the buyer. It falls under your responsibility to complete to make the authority aware of the transfer within 14 days from the sale of a car.

4) One copy of Form 35 :- It is a notice of termination of an agreement of hire-purchase /lease / hypothecation.

5) No Objection Certificate (NOC): It is a mandatory document to be submitted while selling a vehicle

6) One copy of clearance certificate: This includes the credentials of the buyer, seller and details of the car

7) One copy of a sale affidavit: This is the affidavit duly attested by a  public notary and ensures that all the liabilities of a vehicle is transferred to the buyer. It is made on the buyer’s name. After the RC transfer is done, this has to be signed by the seller.

The list mentioned above covers almost all documents that are required to sell a car. But there are special cases like NRI or financed car, you may have to submit some additional documents. The