In India anyone who wants to driver or ride any vehicle on the road has to have a driving license. According to Motor Vehicles Act,1988 anyone who is not having DL will not be allowed from driving or riding a motor vehicle.

What is Driving License?

A driver’s license is an official document which is often made of plastic and its the size of a credit card where all the details of the individual is written like name, age, type of motorized vehicles, such as a motorcycle, car, truck, or bus on a public road with photograph. Without DL if you are caught ridng a bike then it against the law any for the you will be punished accordingly.

Types of Driving License

There are 2 types of driving license one is learner licence and second one is permanent which are mandatory for both personal and commercial use.


This is a temporary licence which is valid up to 6 month only. It is issued to learn driving of Motor Vehicles.


One become eligible for permanent licence after expiry of one month, up to six month from the date of issuing the learner licence.


(a) Motor Cycle without gear
(b) Motor Cycle with gear
(c) Invalid Carriage
(d) Light Motor Vehicle (NT)
(e) Transport Vehicles
(f) Road Roller
(g) Motor Vehicles of a specified description

For Personal Use

MC 50CC (Motorcycle 50cc)Motorcycles with an engine capacity of 50 cc or less
MCWOG/FVGMotorcycles with any engine capacity, but without gears, including mopeds and scooters
LMV-NTLight motor vehicles that are used for non-transport purposes
MC EX50CCMotorcycles with gear, Motorcycles with a capacity of 50CC or more, Light Motor Vehicles (LMVs) including cars
MC With Gear or M/CYCL.WGAll motorcycles even with gear

For Commercial Use

MGVFor medium goods vehicle
LMVLight motor vehicles including motorcars, jeeps, taxis, delivery vans
HMVHeavy Motor Vehicles
HGMVHeavy Goods Motor Vehicle
HPMV/HTVHeavy passenger motor vehicle/Heavy transport vehicle
TrailerPerson holding heavy vehicle driving licence can apply for heavy trailer license

How to Apply for a Driving License Online?

Eligibility Criteria for Driving Licence in India

Motorcycles with gearApplicant should be min 18 years old.
He should be aware of traffic rules and regulations and should have a valid age proof and address proof.
Motorcycles without gear (capacity of up to 50CC)Applicant should be minimum 16 years old and should have the consent of his guardian or parents.
He must be aware of traffic rules and regulations, and should possess a valid age proof and address document.
Heavy Commercial VehiclesThe applicant should have cleared the 8th standard.
The applicant should be above the age of 18 (In some states, the minimum age for this vehicle type is 20 years).
The applicant should be trained from a government training school or one that is affiliated with the state government.

Documents Required for Driving License

While applying for a driving licence, here is a list of documents that you need to submit:

Address Proof:

  • Permanent address proof:
  • House agreement
  • LIC policy bond
  • Voters ID card
  • Ration card
  • Electricity bill issued in applicant name
  • Aadhar Card
  • Passport
  • Temporary address proof (Registered Rental agreement and LPG bill/electricity bill)

Age Proof:

  • Birth certificate
  • Pan card
  • Passport
  • SSC certificate
  • School transfer certificate with date of birth printed on it

Other document requirements for getting a driving licence:

  • 3 passport size photographs while applying for a learner’s license
  • 3 passport size photographs while applying for a permanent driving licence
  • Application fees
  • Duly filled application form
  • For applicants above 40 years, a medical certificate is mandatory