Delhi being the national capital and is also one of the most populated ones as well. The population is continuously increasing and the number of vehicles on the road is also significantly going to increase. So, to keep a check on the traffic conditions in Delhi, Traffic Police are trying their best by educating people to follow traffic rules for people safety. Delhi Traffic police make use of E-Challan system that fines anyone who breaks the law while driving a vehicle.

Traffic Rules and Regulations in Delhi

Accidents on Delhi is mainly because of people not following the mandatory traffic rules. Delhi traffic police are trying their best to get people to follow the rules and regulations so as to avoid any mishappening on the road. Government has also taken actions and increase the penalty for violation of any rule.

Over Speeding :- As per new penalty for LMV (Light Motor Vehicle) fine Rs.1,000 to Rs.2,000 and for Medium Passenger or Goods Vehicle the fine is Rs.2,000 to Rs.4,000 and impounding of DL for the Subsequent or Second-Time Offence. while previously it was only Rs 400 for both LMV & Medium Passenger or Goods Vehicle.

Driving a Vehicle without a Seat Belt: there is a penalty of Rs. 1,000 and your license can be suspended for up to 3 months in Delhi.

Driving a Vehicle without a License: Driving a vehicle without a driving license then the penalty is of Rs. 5,000.

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How to pay traffic challan online using DelhiTrafficPolice website ?

If you get an SMS on you mobile number via VAHAN regarding any pending challan then follow the step by step procedure to check the status regarding any pending challan and pay it online.
  • Open website and click on “NOTICE” as shown in above image.
  • Then click on “Pending Notices”
  • In the nest page it will be asking you to enter the “Vehicle Number” or “Notice Number”
  • Enter Vehicle Number or Notice Number and click on “Search Details” to get all the complete details.
  • If there is any pending notice it will be visible on the screen just click “Pay Now” and follow the procedure.
  • Check the “Payment ID” and the “Amount”
  • Choose the Payment Gateway to make the payment
  • Once the payment is completed, a “Payment Successful” message will be sent to your phone. You can download the PDF version of the receipt.

How to Pay e-Challan Online via Delhi Police App ?

Delhi Police has launch an app by the name of Tatpar which is easily available on android and iOS mobiles. This app is easy to use and can be used for many other services apart form paying challan. You can download the app from the below link
Android :-
iOS :-

Follow the steps to pay e-challan via TATPAR app

  • Download the app on your android device via Google Play Store or if you are using iOS device that you have to download the app using Apple App store.
  • Open the app you will get a screen to verify your mobile number. After entering the mobile number it will ask you to verify using OTP.
  • On Home Screen you will be seeing all the service that are provided using TATPAR app. You have to select “Traffic Notice Payment”.
  • Select “E-Challan” on the new screen.
  • Enter “Vehicle Number” in case you are using iOS mobile and for android you will be getting 2 options “Vehicle Number” or “Notice Number”
  • If the vehicle has any pending notice or challan it will be visible after filling the vehicle number just proceed with the payment process.

Pay Challan Using PayTM

Currently payment of challan using PayTM is available only in Chennai, Faridabad, Maharastra, and Telangana state.

How to Check e-Challan Status?

There might be times when you don’t know whether a vehicle you own has received an E-Challan or has any pending notices on it. These might need urgent payment to avoid any kind of complications in the future. Fortunately, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and the Central government, “Parivahan” was introduced to offer assistance in this matter. You can use the official website to check your E-Challan status quickly and from practically anywhere. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Visit parivahan website
  • Click “Check Challan Status”
  • Enter “Challan Number”, Vehicle Number” or Driving License Number” to get details of any pending notices or E-Challans

OffenceNew Penalty (From September 2019)Old Penalty
Oversized VehiclesRs.5,000Nil
Driving When Mentally/Physically UnfitFirst-Time Offence: Rs.1,000
Second-Time Offence: Rs.2,000
First-Time Offence:Rs.200
Second-Time Offence:Rs.500
OffenceNew Penalty (From September 2019)Old Penalty
Accident Related OffencesFirst-Time Offence:Rs.5,000 and/or Imprisonment of up to 6 months.
Second-Time Offence:Rs,10,000 and/or Imprisonment of up to 1 Year.
Driving Uninsured Vehicle (without Insurance)First-Time Offence:
Rs.2,000 and/or Imprisonment of up to 3 months.
Second-Time Offence:
Rs.4,000 and/or Imprisonment of up to 3 months.
Rs.1,000 and/or Imprisonment of up to 3 months.
Racing and SpeedingFirst-Time Offence:Rs.5,000 and/or Imprisonment of up to 3 months.
Second-Time Offence:Rs.10,000 and/or Imprisonment of up to 1 year.
OffenceNew Penalty (From September 2019)Old Penalty
Vehicle Without PermitRs.10,000 and/or Imprisonment of up to 6 months.Up to Rs.5,000
Aggregators (Violations of Licensing Conditions)Rs.25,000 to Rs.1 lakhNil
OverloadingRs.20,000 and Rs.2,000 per extra tonneRs.2,000 and Rs.1,000 per extra tonne
Overloading of PassengersRs.1,000 per extra passengerNil
Not Wearing SeatbeltRs.1,000Rs.100
Overloading of Two-WheelersRs.2,000 and Disqualification of License for 3 monthsRs.100
Not Wearing HelmetRs.1,000 and Disqualification of License for 3 monthsRs.100
Not Providing Way for Emergency VehiclesRs.10,000 and/or Imprisonment of 6 monthsNil
Offences by JuvenilesRs.25,000 with Imprisonment of 3 years for which the Guardian / Owner shall be deemed to be guilty.Nil
Power of Officers to Impound DocumentsSuspension of DL under Section 183, 184, 185, 189, 190, 194C, 194D, 194ENil
Offences Committed by Enforcing OfficersDouble the Penalty under Relevant SectionNil