The district of Auraiya is a significant historical and cultural site in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. With its extensive history, Auraiya displays a tapestry of custom, faith, and development. In this piece, we set out on a quest to explore Auraiya’s beauty and dig into the Pin Codes that let the district’s postal services run smoothly.

Auraiya: Unveiling the Historical Marvels

The city of Auraiya is home to a wide variety of ancient sites, ethnic celebrations, and traditional arts. The Phaphund Bird Sanctuary, which acts as a sanctuary for many bird species, is one of the district’s noteworthy attractions. Ancient temples may also be found in Auraiya, where worshippers can find comfort and divine blessings at the Durga Devi Temple and the respected Gola Ka Mandir.

Understanding Auraiya’s Pin Code System

Effective postal services are made possible in the district of Auraiya thanks in large part to the Pin Code system. Pin identifiers are distinctive number identifiers that aid in locating certain post offices and delivery zones. They serve as a crucial address identification, facilitating the mail and package sorting and delivery process.

Structure of Auraiya Pin Codes

Auraiya Pin Codes follow the common six-digit pattern used throughout India. Considering that the area is represented by the first digit, Uttar Pradesh’s Pin Codes begin with the number “2.” The next two numbers identify the sorting district, while the next three digits identify the specific Auraiya post office or delivery location. For example, the Pin Code “206xxx” denotes the Auraiya district, with the final three numbers altering according to the location of the particular post office.

Efficient Postal Services in Auraiya

In order to provide effective postal services in Auraiya, the Pin Code system is crucial. Pin Codes give postal employees a standardised identification system that allows them to precisely sort and route mail and shipments to the proper recipients. Even in Auraiya’s broad region and different communities, this efficient approach guarantees fast delivery.

Significance of Pin Codes for Auraiya Residents

Pin Codes are extremely important to the people of Auraiya. They make sure that important materials, such official mail, private conversations, and government plans, are delivered without interruption. Pin codes are essential in e-commerce as well, enabling precise and prompt delivery of internet items to Auraiya inhabitants’ doorsteps. For numerous official and legal uses, Pin Codes also help with address verification, which streamlines administrative procedures for district inhabitants.

Auraiya Nearby Pin Code

AchhaldaBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206241
AdhasiAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206247
AgharaAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206244
AillyBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206249
Airwa KatraBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206252
AjitmalAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206121
AlipurNAAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206243
AmaotaAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206121
AsjanaBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206243
AtaAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206247
AtsooAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206121
AyanaAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206122
BabainAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206121
Babarpur AuraiyaAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206121
BaderaAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206121
BadharipurAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206122
BadhinBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206252
BaghaipurBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206241
BakhriyaAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206129
BallapurAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206121
BamuripurAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206122
BandhmauBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206243
BansiBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206241
BantharaBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206243
BaraharBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206249
Barauna KalanBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206252
Bela AuraiyaBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206251
BelhupurAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206246
BhadpurBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206252
Bhagya NagarAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206247
BhainsolBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206241
BhaipurBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206243
BharehAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206121
BharsenAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206122
BhasonAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206129
BhaupurAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206122
BhikharaBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206243
BhikhepurAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206129
BhurepurkalanAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206121
BidhunaBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206243
BijhaiAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206244
BilawanAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206121
BinpurapurAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206246
BirhuniAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206129
BurhadanaAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206122
ChaptaAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206129
ChhachhundBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206241
ChirhuliAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206122
DahgaonAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206246
DakhlipurAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206244
DashehraBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206241
DaulatpurAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206122
DeoraonBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206250
DhupkariAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206244
DibiapurAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206244
Dibiapura MandiAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206244
DondapurBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206243
Fatehpur BeniAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206247
Gada KasdaAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206121
GaillyBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206251
GapchariapurBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206248
Gauhani KalanAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206121
GhasaraBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206241
GooraBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206243
GularihaAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206244
GwariBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206241
HaidarpurAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206122
Harchandpur AuraiyaBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206250
HardooBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206251
HarvanspurBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206248
IkaurapurAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206122
IndapamauBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206243
ItaillyBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206241
JaitapurAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206122
JalalpurBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206255
JanishnagarAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206121
JuaAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206247
JuhikhaAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206121
KaithawaBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206243
KakhaotooAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206122
Kakor BuzurgAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206244
KalabhojBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206249
KamaraBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206250
Kanchausi BazarAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206246
KanhausiAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206246
KarampurAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206129
KariawaliAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206121
KeontraAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206122
KhanpurAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206122
KharkaAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206122
KhetupurAuraiyAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206121
KudarkotBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206122
KursiBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206248
LahrapurAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206246
LuhiapurAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206122
MadahadaspurBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206255
MadhwapurAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206246
MadokmeetBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206248
MahmoodpurAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206129
MahooBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206251
MalhosiAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206255
MasoodpurBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206249
MuhammdabadBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206241
MuradganjAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206129
MurhiAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206247
N. T. P. C. DibiapurAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206244
NagariaBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206241
NarainpurBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206248
Narainpur AuraiyaAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206122
NauliAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206244
NavgawanAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206246
NevilganjBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206241
NigraAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206129
PanharAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206122
PasuwaBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206249
Pata R.S.BidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206241
Patna AirwaBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206252
PhaphundAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206247
PharihaAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206129
PiparpurAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206244
Piprauli ShivBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206255
PurakalanAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206244
Purva JainBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206248
Purwa BhikhaBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206248
PusauliBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206243
RajaumauBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206250
RathgaonBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206243
RoshangpurAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206129
RuruganjAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206249
RurukalanBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206249
SahabdaAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206122
Sahar AuraiyaBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206248
SahayalAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206244
SahbadBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206243
SalhapurAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206247
SamayanBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206252
SanpharAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206122
Sarai SheesgramBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206249
SaraipukhtaBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206250
Seengpurva ManaAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206244
SehudAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206244
SenganpurAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206121
Sherpur SaraiyaAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206122
ShivganjBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206248
SikharnaAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206129
Sohari GarhiaAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206121
SondhemauAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206244
SurendhaBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206252
Tilak NagarAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206122
Tilakpur FarmBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206243
UchaAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206129
UmrainBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206252
UmriAuraiyaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206244
YakubpurBidhunaAuraiyaUTTAR PRADESH206255

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pin Code for Auraiya?

The Pin Code for Auraiya is 206xxx (Various Pin Codes are assigned for different areas within Auraiya).

How can I find the Pin Code for a specific area in Auraiya?

You can find the Pin Code for a specific area in Auraiya by using the official website of the Indian Postal Department or by referring to a postal directory.

How many Pin Codes are there in Auraiya?

Auraiya has multiple Pin Codes assigned to different post office locations, catering to various areas within the district.

Can multiple areas within Auraiya have the same Pin Code?

Yes, multiple areas within Auraiya can have the same Pin Code. Pin Codes are assigned based on post office locations and delivery areas, which can sometimes cover multiple localities.

What does each digit in the Auraiya Pin Code represent?

In the Pin Code “206xxx,” the first digit “2” represents Uttar Pradesh, the subsequent two digits “06” indicate the sorting district (Auraiya), and the last three digits signify the specific post office or delivery area within Auraiya.

How are Pin Codes assigned in Auraiya?

Pin Codes in Auraiya, as in the rest of India, are assigned by the Indian Postal Department based on geographical areas and administrative divisions.

Can Pin Codes in Auraiya change or be updated?

Pin Codes in Auraiya, like in other locations, can be modified or updated by the Indian Postal Department to accommodate changes in administrative boundaries, new post offices, or the merging of existing ones.

Are Pin Codes specific to post offices in Auraiya?

Yes, Pin Codes in Auraiya are specific to post offices and delivery areas within the district.

How do Pin Codes facilitate accurate and timely delivery in Auraiya?

Pin Codes facilitate accurate and timely delivery in Auraiya by providing a standardized identification system that helps postal workers sort and route mail and packages to the correct post offices and delivery areas.

Are Pin Codes used for purposes other than postal services in Auraiya?

While the primary purpose of Pin Codes is for postal services, they can also be used for other purposes, such as address verification for official documentation, registration processes, and sometimes even for online transactions and e-commerce deliveries.

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