Being at a workplace no matter which sector of the industry you are working in, the utmost important thing is productivity which ultimately is responsible for its growth and advancement. And there are numerous apps that make the life of the employees easier by providing them with the common and easy ways of integration, communication, problem-solving and remain updated while at work. 

Here is the list of apps which can prove fruitful to the employees while at work:



It is an app that is used to provide a remote control service. By this app, you can access the files of one computer from another computer. This app is available for iPhones, Ipads and also android devices. This app has simplified the whole way of working by making the access available at the office even if you have your laptop at home. You can access your PC anywhere anytime.



This is a messaging platform that is very quick and organized. It enhances productivity by decreasing the time it takes via mail or messaging. It allows you to start the conversation on a particular topic while remaining involved in your task.

Time Doctor

It is an application for the bosses to see the activities done by their employees on Screen. This gives the information of even the minor activities other than work performed by the employee and hence increases the productivity as the employee has no other option than to work on the assigned task when he is aware that his work is being monitored.


This app is meant to keep a note of all the planned activities of a day so that you don’t miss out on the important ones during the course of a day. It provides a good work-life balance and helps in making an employee disciplined.


This is the best app to take down the notes whenever required whether it is placing the meeting points at a place or keeping a record of something important. It helps in keeping the image and video attached along with the note which makes this app a very advanced note-making app at the workplace.


It is an excellent app that is used for tracking the activities and its GPS enabled feature helps in fetching the location of the employee working at a remote location or home. It is an all in one business tool which provides automatic reporting, productivity monitoring and a clear vision of the time spent on work because of its clocking facility.


This is an app that can track the location and work of an employee from anywhere. The current location of the employee can be fetched and it provides an easy way of punch in and punch out by simple tapping.


This app is meant for storing the Standard Operating procedure of an organization along with the FAQs. So this helps the new joinee and others to make them aware of the various policies of the company and any other query if they have.


This is an amazing app to promote the business by making the connections and used by professionals for different purposes like job posting, event declaration, seminars, etc. This is an excellent platform to interact and get in touch with the people of different organizations.

Mediation Studio

While working at the workplace sometimes becomes stressful and this app is a one-point solution to destress the employees. Meditation is a very important way to increase concentration which ultimately leads to an increase in productivity. With more than 250+ guided meditation by experts is something that can help the employee to remove their stress at work anytime.

With increasing advancements in technology, we come across a number of apps to make the life of an employee easier since the starting of his day at the workplace. The requirement is to identify those apps and make good use of it during the course of a day. An employee will feel satisfied when the effort to work ratio is optimum and the stress is minimum. An employer is satisfied when productivity is more and the quality of work is high. It would be a win-win situation for both the employees and employers if both are complementing each other by making effective use of these apps.