The monsoon this year has become a complete disaster mostly in low lying areas of Maharashtra and Gujarat. It has caused complete havoc to human life and property ultimately leading to no rescue from losses. The plane areas which are the low altitudes get greatly affected including the nearby ones. For most of the damages which you incur, there might not be a solution but if your Car is drowned or has undergone any damage due to water logging, there is an absolute repair for it. Here, you will find the solution related to your Car which has been affected due to flood.

Car Insurance is a mandatory step after you have purchased a car in order to accommodate any kind of future losses. It acts as a boon when you have gone through tremendous damage by a natural calamity like a flood.

There are innumerable Car Insurance companies like Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, HDFC Ergo General Insurance, National Insurance Policy etc which are available and you can easily opt any one of them to make your life easier.

In India, we have mainly two types of Car Insurances
1) Third Party Liability Car Insurance
2) Comprehensive Car Insurance

Third-Party Liability Car Insurance

In Third-Party Liability Car Insurance, the plan is designed in such a way that it provides coverage to the third person/party who has gone affected due to mishap caused by your car. The Insurer is protected from any legal liability which is caused by any accident from his car be it death, severe injury or property damage. According to the  Motor Vehicles Act 1988, the third Party Insurance has become mandatory for Cars.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive Car Insurance is a coverage plan which protects you against the accident or road mishap. As the name suggests the plan is designed in such a way that it provides complete coverage to the insurer, third party in case of any damage and covers the accidental claim as well. The plan covers the damage caused by natural and man-made disasters too, such as a hurricane, tornado, flood and damage caused by animals.

How to do claim Insurance on a Flood Damaged Car ?

  1. provided by your Car Insurance Policy Company. You can search the number online as well.
  2. After the call is connected, make them aware of the situation you have dealt with telling them the intricate details of the happening and the location of the car while it has undergone the damage
  3. The Insurance company will provide you with the Claim Registration Number which you have to keep it very safely for future interactions
  4. They will schedule a car pick up and take your car from your place
  5. A Surveyor would be assigned against your Car and he will examine the condition of the car. Thereafter, the insurance company will dictate the monetary value of the losses and how much they are covering and how much you have to pay. In case of any confusion, you can always consult the Surveyor for the details and clarify it. Now at this point, it is your responsibility to analyze that what all is covered under your policy and discuss it then and there in case of any doubt. Once you are all cleared with your doubts, you can ask them to go ahead in their process of Insurance Claim
  6. Now they will present a Claim Approval Sheet. This can be given by either the garage team or the Surveyor. You can click the photo of the same.
  7. You can now ask the approximate time of your car maintenance and keep them calling frequently between a few days to get it done soon. Once the repair is done, the payment if any has to be done at your end, make that payment and get your Car slide on the road again.

The joy of getting your car repaired at no or minimal cost after undergoing a vast accident or mishap is something which can’t be determined until it occurs in one’s life. Also, nobody knows what is going to happen the next moment. So do not wait for things to happen, rather take the precautions beforehand, act smart and spread the information amongst others.