What is the use of Form 28 (NOC) in RTO ?

Form 28 of RTO basically deals with the No Objection Certificate of your car. It is provided by the registering authority. It basically validates that you don’t hold any liability while selling the car and you are free as per the rules of the authority to sell your car as per your wish. The liabilities include the criminal offence, any pending challan or anything impending with your vehicle. If there are pendencies the NOC would not be provided by the registering authority. Once you have cleared everything then only you are liable to get the NOC.

Documents required at RTO

Form 28 in triplicate
Pencil print of chassis number on the corner of all the three form copy
Police certificates (two in numbers) one mentioning that the vehicle is not involved in any theft case and the other stating that there is no case pending against the vehicle.
Photo copy of the RC along with the original RC
Photo copy of the insurance of the vehicle
Photo copy of the Pollution control check-up

Procedure for obtaining the police certificate

You have to write an application to ‘Deputy/Assistant commissioner of police, Detective Department’ with subject that you want to move your vehicle to another state under the registration authority of the place you are moving to in addition to that you have to mention the registration number of your vehicle and also attached the fee receipt of the same.

Additional documents that are required :-
i) Photocopy of RC
ii) Identity proof
iii) Receipt of the fee paid to one of the application

Submit all the above documents to the counter assigned at the crime branch cell of the police control room. You have to write one more application for verifying as to whether any pending issues are there related to your vehicle. The certificate issued by the crime branch cell stating that the vehicle is not the stolen one would be given as told by the person at the counter.