The address of Akluj Solapur Regional Transport Office in Maharashtra which has registration number plate starts with MP-45. You can also contact the Akluj Solapur RTO through the Phone Number or Email ID which is listed below

CityAkluj – Solapur
AddressTahshil, Malshiras, Solapur – 413101

Maharashtra RTO Details

MH 01MH 21MH 41
MH 02MH 22MH 42
MH 03MH 23MH 43
MH 04MH 24MH 44
MH 05MH 25MH 45
MH 06MH 26MH 46
MH 07MH 27MH 47
MH 08MH 28MH 48
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MH 15MH 35MH 55
MH 16MH 36MH 56
MH 17MH 37 
MH 18MH 38 
MH 19MH 39 
MH 20MH 40 

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