Agra Pin Code

Agra Pin Code is 282001. Pin Code is also known as Postal Code or Zip Code. Agra is located in the district of AgraUttar Pradesh, INDIA.

Name of DistrictArea (sq km)PopulationSTD Code

The first three digits of the Agra PIN stand for a particular geographic area known as a sorting district, which is based at the major city’s main post office and is referred to as the sorting office. Depending on the amount of mail processed, a state may have one or more sorting districts. The route that a delivery office in the sorting district is situated on is represented by the fourth digit of the Agra pin code. The delivery office within the sorting district is represented by the final two digits of the Agra Pincode, commencing with 01, which would be the GPO or HO.

Agra Pin Code

OfficeAgra City
CircleUttar Pradesh
Telephone No.0562-2521863
Office TypeS.O
Delivery StatusNon-Delivery
Related sub officeNA
Related Head OfficeAgra Fort H.O

Agra City Nearby Pin Code List

509command282 001Uttar PradeshAgra
Achnera283 101Uttar PradeshAgra
Achnera Mandi283 101Uttar PradeshAgra
Agra282 001Uttar PradeshAgra
Agra Barracks282 001Uttar PradeshAgra
Agra Chauk282 003Uttar PradeshAgra
Agra City282 003Uttar PradeshAgra
Agra Fort282 003Uttar PradeshAgra
Agra University282 004Uttar PradeshAgra
Agwar283 202Uttar PradeshAgra
Aharan283 201Uttar PradeshAgra
Akhabai283 102Uttar PradeshAgra
Akola283 102Uttar PradeshAgra
Anwal Khera283 201Uttar PradeshAgra
Arela283 201Uttar PradeshAgra
Arhera283 110Uttar PradeshAgra
Arnota283 111Uttar PradeshAgra
Arrua Khas283 101Uttar PradeshAgra
Arsena282 007Uttar PradeshAgra
Artoni282 007Uttar PradeshAgra
Atoos283 105Uttar PradeshAgra
Aulanda283 110Uttar PradeshAgra
Ayela283 124Uttar PradeshAgra
B.M. Khan282 002Uttar PradeshAgra
B.P oilmill282 003Uttar PradeshAgra
B.V. bichpuri283 105Uttar PradeshAgra
Bah283 104Uttar PradeshAgra
Baharawati283 101Uttar PradeshAgra
Bainpur282 007Uttar PradeshAgra
Balu Ganj282 001Uttar PradeshAgra
Baman283 126Uttar PradeshAgra
Bamnai Kalan283 115Uttar PradeshAgra
Bamrauli283 104Uttar PradeshAgra
Bamrauli Ahir282 009Uttar PradeshAgra
Bamrauli Katara282 006Uttar PradeshAgra
Barara283 102Uttar PradeshAgra
Barauli Ahir283 125Uttar PradeshAgra
Barauli Gujar283 111Uttar PradeshAgra
Barenda283 123Uttar PradeshAgra
Barhan283 201Uttar PradeshAgra
Barobara Khurd283 125Uttar PradeshAgra
Barwar283 119Uttar PradeshAgra
Basai Jagner283 115Uttar PradeshAgra
Baseri Chahar283 122Uttar PradeshAgra
Baseri Kazi283 110Uttar PradeshAgra
Basona283 126Uttar PradeshAgra
Basoni283 123Uttar PradeshAgra
Bateshwar283 104Uttar PradeshAgra
Behrampur283 202Uttar PradeshAgra
Belan Ganj282 004Uttar PradeshAgra
Beman283 122Uttar PradeshAgra
Berichahar283 102Uttar PradeshAgra
Bhadrauli283 113Uttar PradeshAgra
Bhagupur283 202Uttar PradeshAgra
Bhakar283 121Uttar PradeshAgra
Bhalokhara283 111Uttar PradeshAgra
Bhara283 115Uttar PradeshAgra
Bharkol283 110Uttar PradeshAgra
Bhilawali283 121Uttar PradeshAgra
Bhogipura282 010Uttar PradeshAgra
Biara283 101Uttar PradeshAgra
Bichola283 113Uttar PradeshAgra
Bihari283 111Uttar PradeshAgra
Bijhamai283 111Uttar PradeshAgra
Bikapur Tap kharga283 112Uttar PradeshAgra
Billoch Pura282 002Uttar PradeshAgra
Biprawali283 123Uttar PradeshAgra
Birai283 124Uttar PradeshAgra
Birharu283 124Uttar PradeshAgra
Birthala283 112Uttar PradeshAgra
Bisalpur283 102Uttar PradeshAgra
Bitholi283 113Uttar PradeshAgra
Bodla282 007Uttar PradeshAgra
Budhana Mustkil282 006Uttar PradeshAgra
C.O.d.282 009Uttar PradeshAgra
Chamraua283 104Uttar PradeshAgra
Chamraula283 201Uttar PradeshAgra
Chaoli283 201Uttar PradeshAgra
Chauma Shahpur283 110Uttar PradeshAgra
Chaurangahar283 104Uttar PradeshAgra
Cheet283 119Uttar PradeshAgra
Chhalesar282 006Uttar PradeshAgra
Chhipitola282 001Uttar PradeshAgra
Chimman Lal road282 003Uttar PradeshAgra
Chitaura283 125Uttar PradeshAgra
Chitra Hat283 114Uttar PradeshAgra
Chokda283 201Uttar PradeshAgra
Churiyari283 110Uttar PradeshAgra
Civil Court282 002Uttar PradeshAgra
Civil Line282 002Uttar PradeshAgra
Collectrate282 010Uttar PradeshAgra
Dabar283 110Uttar PradeshAgra
Dahtora282 007Uttar PradeshAgra
Dankasha283 124Uttar PradeshAgra
Daoli283 105Uttar PradeshAgra
Darki283 112Uttar PradeshAgra
Dauki283 111Uttar PradeshAgra
Daultabad283 101Uttar PradeshAgra
Dayal Bagh282 005Uttar PradeshAgra
Dehgawan283 115Uttar PradeshAgra
Deoretha283 122Uttar PradeshAgra
Deori282 009Uttar PradeshAgra
Dhanaula Kalan283 125Uttar PradeshAgra
Dhandupura282 006Uttar PradeshAgra
Dhanina283 115Uttar PradeshAgra
Dhanoli283 102Uttar PradeshAgra
Dharera283 202Uttar PradeshAgra
Dhaurra283 202Uttar PradeshAgra
Dhim Shree283 125Uttar PradeshAgra
Digner283 125Uttar PradeshAgra
Digrauta283 119Uttar PradeshAgra
Doora283 110Uttar PradeshAgra
Dulhara283 110Uttar PradeshAgra
Etmadpur283 202Uttar PradeshAgra
Fatehabad283 111Uttar PradeshAgra
Fatehabad Bazaar283 111Uttar PradeshAgra
Fatehapursikari283 110Uttar PradeshAgra
Foundry Nagar282 006Uttar PradeshAgra
G. l. emporiaumi282 001Uttar PradeshAgra
G.G industries282 004Uttar PradeshAgra
G.M khan282 003Uttar PradeshAgra
Gajaura283 123Uttar PradeshAgra
Gandhi Nagar282 003Uttar PradeshAgra
Garh Mukha283 119Uttar PradeshAgra
Garhi Lal kalan283 125Uttar PradeshAgra
Garhwar283 114Uttar PradeshAgra
Garsani283 102Uttar PradeshAgra
Garshan283 124Uttar PradeshAgra
Gokulpura282 002Uttar PradeshAgra
Gonseli283 104Uttar PradeshAgra
Gubroth283 111Uttar PradeshAgra
Gurki Mandi283 110Uttar PradeshAgra
Gutila283 125Uttar PradeshAgra
H.N.khera283 125Uttar PradeshAgra
Hansela283 101Uttar PradeshAgra
Hasanpur283 126Uttar PradeshAgra
Hazipur Khera282 006Uttar PradeshAgra
Hironda283 124Uttar PradeshAgra
Holi Pura283 113Uttar PradeshAgra
Holiday In282 001Uttar PradeshAgra
Hospital Road282 003Uttar PradeshAgra
Hotal Clarkshiraj282 001Uttar PradeshAgra
I. a. f.282 008Uttar PradeshAgra
Idgha Colony282 001Uttar PradeshAgra
Industrial Estate282 006Uttar PradeshAgra
Iradat Nagar283 112Uttar PradeshAgra
Jaganpur282 005Uttar PradeshAgra
Jagdish Pura282 002Uttar PradeshAgra
Jagner283 115Uttar PradeshAgra
Jagrajpur283 111Uttar PradeshAgra
Jaingara283 122Uttar PradeshAgra
Jaitpur283 114Uttar PradeshAgra
Jajau283 110Uttar PradeshAgra
Jajauli283 110Uttar PradeshAgra
Jarar283 104Uttar PradeshAgra
Jarari283 111Uttar PradeshAgra
Jarua Katra283 102Uttar PradeshAgra
John’s Mill282 004Uttar PradeshAgra
Johri Bazar282 003Uttar PradeshAgra
Jonai283 124Uttar PradeshAgra
K. H. sansthan282 005Uttar PradeshAgra
Kachaura283 101Uttar PradeshAgra
Kachora Ghat283 114Uttar PradeshAgra
Kagrol283 119Uttar PradeshAgra
Kailash282 007Uttar PradeshAgra
Kakua282 009Uttar PradeshAgra
Kalal Kheria282 006Uttar PradeshAgra
Kalayanpur Bhagirathpur202 124Uttar PradeshAgra
Kalibari282 003Uttar PradeshAgra
Kalwari283 105Uttar PradeshAgra
Kamala Nagar282 004Uttar PradeshAgra
Kamtari283 104Uttar PradeshAgra
Kanjauli283 126Uttar PradeshAgra
Karahara283 105Uttar PradeshAgra
Karkoli283 123Uttar PradeshAgra
Karodhana Kala282 009Uttar PradeshAgra
Kathwari283 101Uttar PradeshAgra
Kaulara Kalan283 111Uttar PradeshAgra
Keetham282 007Uttar PradeshAgra
Khanda283 201Uttar PradeshAgra
Khandauli283 126Uttar PradeshAgra
Khander283 111Uttar PradeshAgra
Khandri282 002Uttar PradeshAgra
Kheragarh283 121Uttar PradeshAgra
Kheria283 102Uttar PradeshAgra
Kheria Airport282 008Uttar PradeshAgra
Khilawali283 114Uttar PradeshAgra
Kiraoli283 122Uttar PradeshAgra
Korai283 110Uttar PradeshAgra
Kukapur283 114Uttar PradeshAgra
Kukthala283 105Uttar PradeshAgra
Kukthari283 123Uttar PradeshAgra
Kundaul283 111Uttar PradeshAgra
Kurra Chittaipur282 009Uttar PradeshAgra
Kwari283 104Uttar PradeshAgra
Labour Colony282 004Uttar PradeshAgra
Ladhu Khera283 124Uttar PradeshAgra
Lahra283 125Uttar PradeshAgra
Lajpat Kunj282 002Uttar PradeshAgra
Lakhurani283 125Uttar PradeshAgra
Loha Mandi282 002Uttar PradeshAgra
Mahab283 112Uttar PradeshAgra
Maharajpur283 111Uttar PradeshAgra
Mahuar283 122Uttar PradeshAgra
Mahwatpur283 201Uttar PradeshAgra
Maloni283 104Uttar PradeshAgra
Malpura283 102Uttar PradeshAgra
Malupur283 126Uttar PradeshAgra
Malviya Kunj282 002Uttar PradeshAgra
Mandi Mirja khan283 110Uttar PradeshAgra
Mangrol Jat283 101Uttar PradeshAgra
Manikpura283 123Uttar PradeshAgra
Mankeda283 102Uttar PradeshAgra
Mau283 114Uttar PradeshAgra
Medical College282 002Uttar PradeshAgra
Mehdau283 110Uttar PradeshAgra
Mehra Chudhary283 111Uttar PradeshAgra
Midhakur283 105Uttar PradeshAgra
Mihawa283 112Uttar PradeshAgra
Mitaoli283 201Uttar PradeshAgra
Moti Katara282 003Uttar PradeshAgra
Mukhbar283 201Uttar PradeshAgra
Murkia283 102Uttar PradeshAgra
Murthar Alipur283 201Uttar PradeshAgra
N.M.palika282 002Uttar PradeshAgra
N.V.colony282 004Uttar PradeshAgra
Nadeem283 124Uttar PradeshAgra
Nadgawan283 114Uttar PradeshAgra
Nagar283 110Uttar PradeshAgra
Nagar Chand283 111Uttar PradeshAgra
Nagaria283 111Uttar PradeshAgra
Nagla Bari283 201Uttar PradeshAgra
Nagla Bel283 201Uttar PradeshAgra
Nagla Dulhe khan283 121Uttar PradeshAgra
Nagla Kali282 009Uttar PradeshAgra
Nagla Patam283 112Uttar PradeshAgra
Nagla Sabla282 006Uttar PradeshAgra
Nahchani283 122Uttar PradeshAgra
Nai Ki mandi282 010Uttar PradeshAgra
Nainana Jat282 009Uttar PradeshAgra
Namner282 001Uttar PradeshAgra
Naraich282 006Uttar PradeshAgra
Naugawan283 114Uttar PradeshAgra
New Agra282 005Uttar PradeshAgra
Nibohara283 111Uttar PradeshAgra
Noni283 115Uttar PradeshAgra
Nunhai282 006Uttar PradeshAgra
P.R.R.282 001Uttar PradeshAgra
Prtc282 010Uttar PradeshAgra
Palia283 111Uttar PradeshAgra
Panwari282 007Uttar PradeshAgra
Parna283 114Uttar PradeshAgra
Pathauli283 105Uttar PradeshAgra
Patsal283 110Uttar PradeshAgra
Pent Khera283 126Uttar PradeshAgra
Pentikhera283 125Uttar PradeshAgra
Pharera283 113Uttar PradeshAgra
Phool Pur283 125Uttar PradeshAgra
Phulatti Bazar282 003Uttar PradeshAgra
Pidhora283 113Uttar PradeshAgra
Pinahat283 123Uttar PradeshAgra
Poiya Tarrakpur283 126Uttar PradeshAgra
Pura Guman singh283 104Uttar PradeshAgra
Pura Kanhera283 113Uttar PradeshAgra
Pura Tinnet283 104Uttar PradeshAgra
Puramana283 122Uttar PradeshAgra
Puseta283 112Uttar PradeshAgra
R.B.s.college282 002Uttar PradeshAgra
Rahlai283 112Uttar PradeshAgra
Raibha283 101Uttar PradeshAgra
Raja Mandi282 002Uttar PradeshAgra
Rajora283 113Uttar PradeshAgra
Rajpur282 001Uttar PradeshAgra
Rakabganj282 001Uttar PradeshAgra
Rampur283 101Uttar PradeshAgra
Rasoolpur283 121Uttar PradeshAgra
Ratoti283 113Uttar PradeshAgra
Rawatpara282 003Uttar PradeshAgra
Reha283 123Uttar PradeshAgra
Rehan Kalan282 006Uttar PradeshAgra
Richhpura283 114Uttar PradeshAgra
Richoba283 115Uttar PradeshAgra
Rithori283 124Uttar PradeshAgra
Rohta282 009Uttar PradeshAgra
Rojholi283 122Uttar PradeshAgra
Rudhmuli283 104Uttar PradeshAgra
Runkata282 007Uttar PradeshAgra
Sabora283 123Uttar PradeshAgra
Sadar Bazar282 001Uttar PradeshAgra
Sadarbhatti282 003Uttar PradeshAgra
Sahara283 105Uttar PradeshAgra
Sahata283 105Uttar PradeshAgra
Saiyan283 124Uttar PradeshAgra
Saket Colony282 010Uttar PradeshAgra
Salemabad283 122Uttar PradeshAgra
Samara283 110Uttar PradeshAgra
Samsabad283 125Uttar PradeshAgra
Sandhan283 101Uttar PradeshAgra
Sanjay Place282 002Uttar PradeshAgra
Sanjeti283 114Uttar PradeshAgra
Sarai283 126Uttar PradeshAgra
Sarai Khawaja282 001Uttar PradeshAgra
Sarendha283 119Uttar PradeshAgra
Sarendi283 119Uttar PradeshAgra
Sawain283 202Uttar PradeshAgra
Semera283 126Uttar PradeshAgra
Semri282 009Uttar PradeshAgra
Seola Jat282 001Uttar PradeshAgra
Shahaganj282 010Uttar PradeshAgra
Shahganj Bazar282 010Uttar PradeshAgra
Shahi283 105Uttar PradeshAgra
Shahpur Brahman283 114Uttar PradeshAgra
Shahpur Toola283 125Uttar PradeshAgra
Shiaupura283 114Uttar PradeshAgra
Shiv Nagar283 114Uttar PradeshAgra
Shoe Market282 003Uttar PradeshAgra
Shyamo283 125Uttar PradeshAgra
Sidhaoli283 104Uttar PradeshAgra
Sikandra282 007Uttar PradeshAgra
Sikraondha283 110Uttar PradeshAgra
Sikrara283 111Uttar PradeshAgra
Siktara283 201Uttar PradeshAgra
Singaich283 115Uttar PradeshAgra
Soni Khera283 115Uttar PradeshAgra
Sultan Pura282 001Uttar PradeshAgra
Sunari283 105Uttar PradeshAgra
Swara283 111Uttar PradeshAgra
T.P. Nagar282 002Uttar PradeshAgra
Taj282 001Uttar PradeshAgra
Tajganj282 001Uttar PradeshAgra
Tanora Noorpur283 111Uttar PradeshAgra
Tarauli Gujar283 111Uttar PradeshAgra
Tasond283 123Uttar PradeshAgra
Tehra283 124Uttar PradeshAgra
Tehu283 201Uttar PradeshAgra
Thana Shankar Dwari283 125Uttar PradeshAgra
Therai283 125Uttar PradeshAgra
Tiwaha283 111Uttar PradeshAgra
Tnatpur283 115Uttar PradeshAgra
Turkia283 101Uttar PradeshAgra
Ujarai283 102Uttar PradeshAgra
Umretha283 123Uttar PradeshAgra
Uncha283 126Uttar PradeshAgra
Undera283 110Uttar PradeshAgra
Ushmanpur283 201Uttar PradeshAgra
Vikrampur283 104Uttar PradeshAgra
Waha283 119Uttar PradeshAgra
Wazir Pura282 003Uttar PradeshAgra
Wazitpur283 111Uttar PradeshAgra
Yamuna Bridge282 006Uttar PradeshAgra
Yamuna Kinara282 003Uttar PradeshAgra

Frequently Asked Questions

How many digits are there in Agra Pin Code?

Agra Pin Code in India consists of six digits.

What do the digits in Agra Pin Code represent?

The first digit of the Agra Pin Code represents the region, followed by two digits that indicate the sorting district, and the last three digits specify the particular post office or delivery area within that district.

How are Agra Pin Codes assigned?

Agra Pin Codes are assigned based on geographical areas and administrative divisions. The Indian Postal Department is responsible for the allocation and maintenance of Pin Codes.

How can I find Agra City Pin Code for a specific location?

There are several ways to find the Pin Code for a specific location in India:
1) The official website of the Indian Postal Department provides a search tool where you can enter the address details to obtain the Pin Code.
2) Post offices usually display lists of Pin Codes for their respective areas, or the postal staff can assist you in finding the Pin Code.
3) Many online platforms and search engines also offer Pin Code search facilities by entering the location details.

Can multiple areas within a city have different Agra Pin Codes?

Yes, in larger cities or densely populated areas, multiple Pin Codes may exist to differentiate between various delivery areas or post offices.

Are Pin Codes unique to a particular location?

Yes, each Pin Code corresponds to a specific post office or delivery area within a sorting district. However, it is possible for two different locations in different districts to have the same Pin Code.

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