Amroha, an Indian city tucked away in the state of Uttar Pradesh, is a hidden treasure bursting with rich cultural importance. Amroha provides a special fusion of history and contemporary. It is known for its architectural marvels, traditional craftsmanship, and numerous cultural influences. We set out on an adventure to discover Amroha’s beauty and shed light on the Pin Codes that simplify its postal services in this article.

Amroha: A Cultural Melting Pot

Amroha is well known for its vibrant culture, which combines elements of Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh traditions. The Jama Masjid and the Naugaja Peer Dargah, two outstanding architectural wonders in the city, are evidence of its illustrious past. Amroha is renowned for its excellent woodwork, which is used in the region’s renowned furniture sector, as well as for its ancient arts and crafts.

Understanding Amroha’s Pin Code System

Amroha’s Pin Code system is essential for guaranteeing effective postal services in the city. Pin identifiers are distinctive number identifiers that aid in locating certain post offices and delivery zones. They facilitate the sorting and delivery of mail and shipments by acting as a crucial address identifier.

Structure of Amroha Pin Codes

Amroha Pin Codes adhere to the typical six-digit format used throughout India. A region is identified by its first digit, and Uttar Pradesh’s Pin Codes begin with the number “2.” The next two numbers identify the sorting district, while the next three digits identify the specific Amroha post office or delivery region. For instance, the pin code “244221” denotes Amroha, with the final three numbers shifting based on the location of the particular post office.

Efficient Postal Services in Amroha

Amroha’s Pin Code system is essential for enabling effective postal services. Pin Codes give postal employees a standardised identification system that allows them to precisely sort and route mail and shipments to the proper recipients. Even in the busy streets and varied neighbourhoods of Amroha, this organised procedure guarantees prompt delivery.

Significance of Pin Codes for Amroha Residents

For those who live in Amroha, pin codes are quite important. They make sure that crucial papers, such official letters, private conversations, and government plans, are delivered accurately and without delay. Pin codes are essential in e-commerce since they guarantee precise and quick product delivery, enabling smooth online buying experiences. Pin Codes also aid in address verification for a variety of official and legal purposes, making administrative procedures simpler for Amroha inhabitants.

Amroha is a city that captures the hearts of people who visit due to its alluring beauty and cultural diversity. The Pin Code system quietly runs behind the scenes, offering effective and dependable postal services for the city’s citizens and companies. The Pin Code system remains a crucial component of Amroha’s infrastructure, linking people and enabling smooth communication as the city develops and embraces development. Pin Codes act as the connecting threads that bind Amroha’s postal services together as a gem in Uttar Pradesh thanks to its unique fusion of tradition, history, and modernity.

Amroha STD Code

AreaSTD Code

Amroha Nearby Pin Code

AdampurHasanpurJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244255
Ahraula MafiDhanauraJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244231
Akbarpur SihaliKanthJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244501
Amroha BazarAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244221
Amroha Shahi ChabutraAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244221
Anchora KambohSambhlJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244304
AsmoliSambhlJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244304
AtrasikalanAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244236
AwalpurAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244251
BachhraonAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244225
Bahadur Pur KhurdAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244221
BajnauraHasanpurJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244242
BartauraHasanpurJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244255
Basera TagaKanthJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244501
Bhartiya GramDhanauraJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244223
Bibra KhurdAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244501
BijauraHasanpurJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244235
BudernaAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244221
BurawaliHasanpurJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244241
ChakanwalaDhanauraJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244225
ChakooniHasanpurJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244242
Chand NagarAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244236
ChhapnaHasanpurJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244255
ChuchelakalanDhanauraJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244231
DahpaHasanpurJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244242
Darhyal KhadarHasanpurJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244255
Deorhi Urf HadipurAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244102
DhakkaDhanauraJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244242
DhanauraDhanauraJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244231
DhautiDhanauraJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244225
DhawarsiHasanpurJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244242
DidauliAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244222
DingraDhanauraJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244231
GajanaAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244221
GajasthalAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244251
GajraulaDhanauraJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244235
GangacholiHasanpurJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244241
GangeshwariHasanpurJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244255
GangwarHasanpurJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244241
Garhi SalempurAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244501
GulariaAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244221
Hajarpur JamaniaAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244221
Hasanpur Jyotiba Phule NagarHasanpurJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244241
ImratpurHasanpurJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244255
Iqbalpur Urf KamelporDhanauraJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244231
Jahangirpur ChakpheriAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244501
JahtauliHasanpurJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244255
JajrooAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244251
Jalajpur DhanaAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244221
Jamna KhasAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244501
JoyaAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244222
KadralNAJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244251
Kail BakriAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244501
KailsaAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244221
KankatherDhanauraJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244235
KapsuaDhanauraJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244231
KaraundiAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244236
KaurallaDhanauraJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244231
KhadgujarDhanauraJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244235
KhajuriHasanpurJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244236
Khera ApraulaAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244251
Kothi KhidmatpurAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244501
Kundan NagarAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244245
Kundarki BhoorHasanpurJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244242
Kuri RawanaAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244501
LadanpurDhanauraJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244231
LakarhatAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244501
Lohari BhoorHasanpurJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244242
M B HasanpurHasanpurJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244241
MadhpurAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244501
MaheshraDhanauraJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244236
MakhdoompurAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244251
MangraulaHasanpurJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244241
Matlabpur SadarpurAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244501
Mohd Pur MafiAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244501
Mundha KheraAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244221
NagliamevDhanauraJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244235
Nanhera AliarpurAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244221
NawgawanAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244251
Osa MafiHasanpurJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244242
PalaulaAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244222
PapsaraAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244221
PapsariDhanauraJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244231
Patai BhoorAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244241
PathangiAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244501
PauraraHasanpurJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244255
PhanderiAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244231
PipalidaudHasanpurJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244241
PiplikalanDhanauraJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244236
Qazi Sarai Urf Kankar SaraiAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244221
Rajab PurAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244236
RehraHasanpurJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244255
S R DhanauraAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244231
Saghan MachharyaAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244222
Said NagliHasanpurJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244242
SalempurgosaiDhanauraJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244235
Sarkara KamalAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244222
Sarkari AjijAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244222
SherpurDhanauraJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244225
SihalijagirHasanpurJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244241
SohatHasanpurJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244242
TelipurmaliNAJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244221
TigreeDhanauraJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244235
Tohfapur BhawanipurAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244222
TomraDhanauraJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244225
UjhariHasanpurJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244242
Umari KalanKanthJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244501
Umari Sabzi PurAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244102
WasipurDhanauraJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244231
YaqubpurAmrohaJyotiba Phule NagarUTTAR PRADESH244241

Frequently Asked Question

What is the Pin Code for Amroha?

The Pin Code for Amroha is 244xxx (Various Pin Codes are assigned for different areas within Amroha).

How can I find the Pin Code for a specific area in Amroha?

You can find the Pin Code for a specific area in Amroha by using the official website of the Indian Postal Department or by referring to a postal directory.

How many Pin Codes are there in Amroha?

Amroha has multiple Pin Codes assigned to different post office locations, catering to various areas within the city.

Can multiple areas within Amroha have the same Pin Code?

Yes, multiple areas within Amroha can have the same Pin Code. Pin Codes are assigned based on post office locations and delivery areas, which can sometimes cover multiple localities.

What does each digit in the Amroha Pin Code represent?

In the Pin Code “244xxx,” the first digit “2” represents Uttar Pradesh, the subsequent two digits “44” indicate the sorting district (Amroha), and the last three digits signify the specific post office or delivery area within Amroha.

How are Pin Codes assigned in Amroha?

Pin Codes in Amroha, as in the rest of India, are assigned by the Indian Postal Department based on geographical areas and administrative divisions.

Can Pin Codes in Amroha change or be updated?

Pin Codes in Amroha, like in other locations, can be modified or updated by the Indian Postal Department to accommodate changes in administrative boundaries, new post offices, or the merging of existing ones.

Are Pin Codes specific to post offices in Amroha?

Yes, Pin Codes in Amroha are specific to post offices and delivery areas within the city.

How do Pin Codes facilitate accurate and timely delivery in Amroha?

Pin Codes facilitate accurate and timely delivery in Amroha by providing a standardized identification system that helps postal workers sort and route mail and packages to the correct post offices and delivery areas.

Are Pin Codes used for purposes other than postal services in Amroha?

While the primary purpose of Pin Codes is for postal services, they can also be used for other purposes, such as address verification for official documentation, registration processes, and sometimes even for online transactions and e-commerce deliveries.

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